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Venerdì, Novembre 16, 2018

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Open Call Collection OC-2015-2

Proposal Reference OC-2015-2-19971

Title: Right and Beauty from common good to universal good


The proposed action aims to define the common regulatory principles in matters that express the
existential value of beauty through shared research, and, therefore, a continuous exchange of
knowledge achieved through networking, mutual learning, cooperation and the physical mobility of

The proposed action will feature a previously shared common methodology and experience which will
materialize in a community of language and results. The networking will be performed through a
questionnaire which has been previously studied. It will define the methods of implementation of
the various stages of research.

The immediate circulation of the questionnaire responses will allow the researcher to process the
results reciprocally in order to to "metabolize" them throughout your research journey.

This action will last for three years and will consist the following steps:

Year 1: Each working group will provide recognition and will share the operative rules;

Year 2: The working groups, having integrated the results of the first phase, will elaborate the
four forming cultural actions, [doctrinal, jurisprudential, social (relating to cultural and
social factors that influence the rules), use of expressive language and the functions of concepts,
(words and ideas)];

Year 3: The working groups will work to conceive ideas, languages, concepts, and common
models, which will be processed also, in order to arrive at al normative proposal.

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